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Muddly Puddly Laboratory

Witch's Fizz - Muddly Puddly Laboratory

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"Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog!"

Did you know those cauldron ingredients actually mean mustard seed, buttercup buds, moss and houndstongue? Witches often used grisly-sounding body parts as secret codenames for parts of plants. They were actually herbalists, healers and midwives, and their livelihoods depended on protecting their powerful knowledge of plants and their uses.

Their love of nature, science, mystery and magic has inspired our creation of Witch's Fizz this Halloween. This limited edition MakeMUD EarthFizz has it all - rich forest mud, sparkling bioglitter, tiny crystals, and a truly bewitching botanical blend.

Just add a scoop of Witch's Fizz into a small bowl (or cauldron), then drip in some water to watch your brew bubble to life! After casting your spells, search for sunken crystals in the dark and glittering mud bed of your potion, keeping their enchantment with you long after you've returned your potion to nature.

Witchy botanicals include:  calendula, licorice root, nettle, juniper berries, vervain, rosehips, fennel, lemongrass, red rose, clivers, hawthorn, black pepper

Like all of our MakeMUD products, the natural soil component has been safely sterilised to eliminate all live matter, then mixed with food-grade ingredients.

  • Contains 200g of EarthFizz
  • Packaged in a resealable, compostable pouch
  • No added colours or fragrance

Recommended for ages 3+ years, adult supervision required. This is a toy and is not suitable for consumption.

EarthFizz hardens if exposed to moisture in air. Break up any chunks as needed.

Avoid contact with eyes. May irritate small cuts or scratches on skin. If contact occurs, immediately rinse with cool running water.